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How Does This Reverse Idea Work?
We  start with a 3.1 mile run on a loop course and return to an Indoor Transition in the gymnasium of the Campus Center.  The run is followed by an 11 mile loop bike course on very smooth (really) pavement.  After traveling through transtion the second time,  the race finishes with a 150 yard snake swim in the indoor pool.

(A snake swim is completed by swimming down the pool in lane 1, back in lane 2, down in lane 3, back in lane 4, down in lane 5, back in lane 6 and then climbing out of the pool and crossing the timing mat.) Click HERE to see the 2013 swim video.

We didn't invent the reverse idea, but we brought it to Northern New England.  There are reverse races all around the country.     

10.   A unique race offering a fun way 
       to kick-off your season.

9.     Bragging Rights...a triathlon in Maine.

8.     Everyone gets a proper warm-up
        for the swim. 

7.     Get that pesky run out of the way

6.     Much more fun than another 5K
5.     A snake swim...with no snakes!

4.    Transition is INSIDE the gym.

3.     You won't get kicked in the
        head at the start.           

2.    Pretend you are in San Diego for 
       first triathlons in the late '70's 

1.     Cycling in DRY shorts! 



Top Ten Reasons to Tri with us:
The Nor'easter Reverse Sprint Tri
      April 13, 2014 at 10:00 AM
The Nor'easter Time Trial
      April 13, 2014 at 8:45 AM
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Nor'easter Reverse Sprint Triathlon
Click for tri results from the first 3 years:
and Time Trial
New for 2014: 
A Bike Time Trial!
We are working with the Maine Time Trial Series (METTS) to produce their season opening race.  It is an 11 mile course with 30 second start intervals, using the same bike course as the Triathlon.
Our race is at the University of New England, situated on the banks of the Saco River in Biddeford, Maine.  

These are  USAT sanctioned races with chip timing from All Sports Events.
It was a wet, cold Spring day but we had intrepid athletes that raced.                             Thanks to everyone: the Time Trial Cyclists, the Triathletes and the Volunteers for toughing it out in rainy 42 degree weather.  New Englanders are a tough group!

Click HERE for the 2014 results.